Jackson Bouttell


Role: Bowman


Date of birth: January 18, 1991 in Taree, Australia

Languages: English and French

What he said:
“The Volvo Ocean Race is something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time.
It’s the top of the sailing world in the crewed side of things and it’s been one of my big goals for years.”

Sailing highlights:
2013: 1st Rookie, La Solitaire du Figaro
2015: 1st place, Leg 3 into Sanya onboard Dongfeng
2016: 1st place and new race record, Transat Quebec-St Malo, Spindrift 2 (maxi trimaran)

What do you like to do when not sailing?
Surf ski, kitesurfing and surfing - anything that involves going fast on water basically. I also enjoy mountain climbing when I can find the time but that doesn’t happen often.

Favourite quote?
Life’s not a rehearsal

Who inspires you?

Anyone in any field that has gone out and done well. Ellen MacArthur was a big one for me when I was starting to get into sailing. Also reading or hearing about people in crazy situations in races or adventures of any kind always made me want to be in that position to see what it is actually like. I can safely say I have regretted doing that sometimes but once it’s all over and done with it is always a good experience.

What was the best advice you were ever given?
My parents taught me to always be the guy who does more than anyone else, then annoy everyone you need to until they give you a shot at what you want to do.

What makes you happy angry?
Happiness is friends, beaches, fiddling with toys such as boats or kite gear and building stuff. Traffic makes me angry! Oh, and people that walk slowly in supermarkets. I want to impose a high speed lane that slow people can’t go in.

What is the single thing (other than sleep) that you miss the most when at sea?
The simplicity of brushing your teeth and going to the toilet on land.

What food or drink do you miss the most when you are at sea?
Banana smoothie and a 12 oz fillet steak - this is always the first thing on the agenda when in from sailing. Then there is fresh fruit, avocado, pancakes and salad - a lot of things really.

What item do you always take with you when sailing?
No specific thing, always like to have a dry pair of socks.

Charles on Jack:
Jack has great potential and a motivation that is rare, especially for his age – he is mature beyond his years.”

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