Wang 'Elly' Li

Wang ‘Elly’ Li

Nationality: Chinese

Date of birth: November 06, 1988

Lives: Shanghai

Role: Chinese Media & PR Manager

Languages: Chines and English

Greatest achievement?

Still working towards my greatest achievement.

Who inspires you?
My family.

Best advice anyone gave you?
If you try it then you can do it, if you fight for it then you can win.

One sentence to describe yourself?
A reliable person.

What do you like to do when not working?

I like to relax and take time for myself.

Why Dongfeng Race Team?

The team represents China and I want to be part of their mission and help them achieve their goals.

What makes you passionate about the Volvo Ocean Race?

It is all about living life at the extreme and you could never find a job, team or race quite like it.

One sentence to describe Charles?

One of my idols but someone who doesn’t like to smile for photos.

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