Neil “Albert” Graham gives us his view on the drama at the finish in Newport

Dongfeng Race Team's Technical Director and previous Volvo Ocean Race sailor tells us more about the drama as it unfolds on the water.

“The boats are all battling with the same problem. They are doing everything they can to keep the boats moving, sometimes in the opposite direction to the finish line. It is just one of those frustrating finishes.

I think they are just concentrating on getting the boat across the finish line. The feelings will come into it afterwards when they reflect. They are doing the best to keep the boats moving. Not until a boat crosses the finish line is it over.

A current is running and there is almost no wind. They are literally fighting their way upstream to get to the finish line.

It is all part of yacht racing. At times in yacht racing an element of luck enters into it and this is one of those cases. With 20nm miles to go we were leading the race, worst case we could be 6th and that is not against the realms of possibility.

In these conditions, 0.5nm is a long way to go. It could take Brunel over an hour to cross the line and other teams could overtake them in this time.

I think the spirit of the team is very good and if anything it is stronger than the last race. There is still all to play for and 30% of the points are still left after we leave Newport. Regardless of the outcome today, it is going to be tight at the top.”