Man overboard: Mandatory practice drill for Dongfeng Race Team

With just three days to go until the Prologue Race from Lisbon to Alicante on Sunday, Dongfeng Race Team took the opportunity to practice a man overboard (MOB) recovery during a training day in Lisbon.

Crew member Marie Riou volunteered to be the MOB (or WOB in this case), jumping into the water to await rescue by her teammates on board Dongfeng, who had set-up a watch system to simulate a real life scenario. The crew were quick to spring into action and manoeuvre the boat back to Marie before Jack Bouttell jumped in to retrieve her.

“It is great to practice this procedure. As designated swimmer, I had to quickly get the wetsuit on and jump in with a floating rope to swim over and help Marie,” said Bouttell

“We then lifted her out of the water. It was an efficient practice, with Marie safely back in the boat within seven minutes and two seconds,” he added.