Leg Zero, Stage 4 - St Malo to Lisbon

Latest blog from our Onboard Reporter, Martin Keruzore as Dongfeng Race Team battle with light winds and close racing.

Blog received on August 15 at 09:33UTC:

“Yesterday was tricky because of the really light wind conditions since the start which saw us doing lots of gybes and sail changes….each sail set-up requires a different stacking mode, so it was difficult to sleep when you are off watch. Pascal really takes care of how the weight is placed down below and on deck, as we to try to gain an extra knot of speed. Turn the Tide and Vestas 11th Hour Racing were quite fast and MAPFRE was behind us before the sun set. Everybody on board was happy and confident for the day ahead.

After many hours of fighting in calms we found some breeze and sailed all night as fast as we could.

This morning is cloudy but the breeze is still here and Vestas is still front of us. We are trying to find a lane between all the fishing boats