Leg 8 Day 8:  ‘Sailing by night’

Sailing by night on these boats is pretty fun actually, especially if there is a moon out. Sometimes during the day you really concentrate on trying to catch all the waves whereas at night you can just rely on the feel and the instruments and not worrying about catching waves.

Sometimes it is even faster. You have to always be vigilant and have a really good feel for what is going on because you can’t always see what is going on so there is generally a more serious tone I would say to night sailing than day sailing.

A little bit of masthead on


There is not many sports and there is not many moments in the life that you are able to live during the night. It is just like you have got a very…

On the boat you sleep 3 hours in the day and 3 hours during the night but you are enjoying much more the different moments of the full day and for me that is why I love offshore sailing. You feel like you are leaving your life very full.


Sometimes you are very tired because normally during the night everybody is sleeping it is here that you are still sailin and fighting with the boat speed and other competitors but it is cool as this is the life of the Volvo Ocean Race.


It is all done on feel and what the boat is behaving like. It is pretty cool when you get it right and it is not so good when you get it wrong.


And besides the feel you also use the numbers on the mast. You set them on night vision mode so the numbers instead of white numbers and white light go red instead because the white light blinds you and the red light is your night vision.


Sailing by night is a big change for us compared to sailing by day because at night we just have the head torch of Pascal just here at the hatch looking at us asking ‘it is ok’ and we say ‘no it is not ok because we don’t see anything anymore’


And yesterday it was weird because we had a bird for two or three hours. He just turned around the top of the mast and sometimes we had a shadow. It was really cool, he stayed a long time with us.


Position report at 8h35UTC:
1 - Vestas 11th Hour 3 133nm from Newport
2 - Dongfeng Race Team 1.1nm from the leader
3 - Turn The Tide of Plastic 3.5nm
4 - Team Brunel 3.7nm
5 - AkzoNobel 12.9nm
6 - MAPFRE 34.3nm
7 - Scallywag 61.9nm