Leg 2, Day 9: Big day on board Dongfeng as King Neptune awaits

Dongfeng is currently locked in an intense drag race as the fleet dive into the South Atlantic. At present, Dongfeng Race Team are managing to sail lower and faster than their closest competitors, MAPFRE which is giving them a better position advantage further to the west and slightly extending their slim lead by 2.5nm.

Now sailing in steady southeasterly trade winds, the next few days are looking relatively stable for Dongfeng and the rest of the fleet. This should mean there will be fewer sail changes and manoeuvres but every second still counts as they work tirelessly on perfecting their boat speed.

With no big options for the next few days, the fleet will be fighting tooth and nail as they race south. Despite this, there will be no escape for Jack Bouttell who is counting down the hours until his first Equator crossing, where King Neptune awaits him.

Once Dongfeng Race Team has crossed the Equator, the next key area for the navigators will be how to tackle the St Helena High which dictates how and when you turn the corner and start aiming towards Cape Town. Watch the video below for Dongfeng Race Team’s lesson on clouds:

Latest position report, 0700 UTC

1. Dongfeng Race Team, distance to finish (DTF): 3,670 nm

2. MAPFRE, distance to leader (DTL): 2.42 nm

3. Vestas 11th Hour Racing, DTL: 8.26 nm

4. Team Brunel, DTL: 9.94 nm

5. Team AkzoNobel, DTL: 17.94

6. Turn the Tide on Plastic, DTL: 51.70

7. Team Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag, DTL: 59.51