Racing by numbers with Martin Keruzore

OBR, Martin Keruzore gives us the run down on numbers for Leg 6. Reckon you could stomach that many freeze dried meals?

It’s a long way! Our sailors have already been at sea for 17 days, that is 15 million seconds sailing with 10 people living together aboard the Chinese boat.

To put it another way, each crew member has had 51 watches on deck; that’s 204 hours focused on the performance of the Volvo Ocean 65. Over one million turns of the winch handle have been required to trim the red boat in the best possible way and devour over 5,000 miles and it will have taken us not far off 7,200 minutes to get to the end of the doldrums.

In terms of food, that equates to 510 freeze-dried meals that have already been ingested on the boat, in addition to 1,000 energy bars. Each bunk has racked up to 250 hours of sleep since the start of the leg, which is approximately 125 hours per crew member and an average of 7 hours a day.

From a communication point of view, nearly 250 photos have been sent, twenty-or-so videos edited, around ten live broadcasts completed and a few hundred emails exchanged.

We still have a few miles to go before we set foot on land, a few nights to contemplate and a few days to really make the most of this experience before our arrival.