Message from Charles: MAPFRE deserves to win this leg and I can’t wait for some decent food

It’s the last 24 hours of this leg and we are still fighting to hold onto second place.

MAPFRE is far ahead of us and, even if I hope we can make a comeback at the tricky finishing line, I do not wish this terrible end to the leg on MAPFRE.

Xabi’s team and my crew have had a fantastic race since the start but they made one less mistake and deserve this first place.

On Dongfeng we want second and we are fighting for it. Vestas 11th Hour Racing is not far from us and the finishing line is the last trap.

On board everybody is waiting to see Table Mountain. This leg is my favorite and for me it’s the most interesting and difficult one of the whole race. It is also the longest and it has been so intensive.

For three weeks now we have been racing just like we do in inshore mode; we have always been in AIS contact with another boat and fighting to be faster. This is really a terrible pressure.

I will be happy to have a short break from tomorrow and eat some good food. Three weeks of freeze dried food is really too much for a Frenchman!

When I see my kids and eat a hamburger tomorrow, I will be the happiest man in the world.

Good night.