Yang 'Wolf' Jiru

Yang ‘Wolf’ Jiru

Role: Pitman


Date of birth: July 14, 1990 in Anshan, Llaoning Province

Lives: Anshan, Liaoning Province in North East China

Languages: Chinese and English

What he said:
This race I realise that you can always push that little bit more. It is really tough and exhausting but you need to get through it, both mentally and physically and do your best.”

Sailing highlights:
2013: 9th place, America’s Cup, Naples
2015: 3rd place with Dongfeng Race Team in the Volvo Ocean Race
2016: 3rd place, Sydney Hobart Race with Dongfeng Race Team

Greatest achievement?
The Volvo Ocean Race is one of my greatest achievements. Other sailing achievements I am proud of include the Sydney Hobart race, Americas Cup and the the Student Yachting World Cup.

Best advice anyone gave you?
Never give up! This is especially important when doing this race. Whether mentally or physically, it is really tough and exhausting but you need to get through it. You think you are beyond your limit but you can actually push a little bit more. The best advice anyone has given me in sailing is always to listen and keep learning from better sailors onboard. Be humble and keep learning.

Who inspires you?
I cannot pick just one person but sportspeople who push themselves to the limit definitely motivate me.

What do you want to be remembered or known for?
If someone can say ‘he is a good guy’ then that is enough for me.

When and where did you start sailing?
Sailing is quite a newfound dream for me. In my teenage years, I imagined a career in engineering or business and it was only when I moved to Xiamen for University that my roommate introduced my to the world of sailing. I was quickly dreaming about the elite competitions and I scribbled ‘Volvo Ocean Race’ and ‘America’s Cup’ on a post-it-note and stuck it to my bedroom wall.

What is the single thing you miss the most when at sea?
Food - BBQ lamb or steak.

Charles on Wolf:
In the 2014-15 edition of the race, we got to see how competitive and hugely motivated Wolf was. He conquered his fears to race and he was all the stronger mentally for it.”

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